Postal Address
Adrian Gschwend
Hochrain 12
2502 Biel

Electronic Contact

See the community page for more information. If you want to reach Adrian Gschwend directly, send an email to


You can support with money as well, this makes sure we can still develop software in the future. There are various ways to do that.

Sponsoring Units at Mensys

This is for us the most convenient way. Mensys provides several virtual products where you can buy sponsoring units for in various amounts. Feel free to combine the sponsoring units in any way you like. Note that unlike stated on the page, there will be no VAT for those products, will get 100% of the money you sponsor like this.

URL: Mensys

Transfer to the bank account

You can also transfer money directly to the bank account:

      Name / Location: A. Gschwend / CH - 2502 Biel/Bienne 
      Postbank Account: 30-327806-8
      IBAN electronic:  CH0809000000303278068
      IBAN paperform:   IBAN CH08 0900 0000 3032 7806 8
      SWIFT Code / BIC: P O F I C H B E X X X 
      Beneficiary bank: Swiss Post, PostFinance, Nordring 8 , CH-3030 Bern, Switzerland
      Clearing No:      09000


We also do accept cheques, please note that they just make sense on bigger amounts because we pay a pretty high fee on each cheque, they are not really common in Europe and Switzerland. Please use the address above as beneficiary.