New blog for semantic web related posts

We finally set up a new blog for postings about semantic web related topics. This will be the main entry point for everything we work on right now.

The first post is about and its implications on the RDF world. is on twitter now has a twitter account where we post about progress and visibility of our upcoming technology for data-driven interfaces. If you want to get news immediately, follow us!

Speaking at 2011 Semantic Technology Conference

This year Bart will have a presentation about using semantic web technologies at the fire department of Amsterdam in San Francisco. This will take place at the 2011 Semantic Technology Conference in June!

Article in Nodalities Magazine

Bart published an article about Open Government Data for fighting fires in Amsterdam which was now published in issue 12 of Nodalities Magazine. Note that the article was written in August 2010 so it is not up to date anymore.

Article in Zeit Online

Lorenz Matzat from Zeit Online interviewed Bart at the Open Government Data Camp 2010 in London. Check out the (German) interview and/or watch our English presentation at OGD Camp. It looks like this triggered quite some interest, the OGD Camp video is the most popular of them by now :)

Webcast at with Bart and Adrian

Eric Franzon from did an interview with Bart and Adrian about Fighting Fire with Linked Data. Bart talks about the work at the fire department of Amsterdam-Amstelland while Adrian talks a bit about the technology used in the background. It's rather long but if you are curious about what we do right now, check it out!

Webcast: Fighting Fire with Linked Data

XLWrap presentation at OGD Camp 2010

Adrian did a short ad hoc presentation about XLWrap at Open Government Data Camp 2010 in London together with Mark Birbeck.

XLWrap is an excellent Spreadsheet-to-RDF Wrapper written by Andreas Langegger. It is an incredible useful tool and is currently working with Andreas and Mark on extending XLWrap with features which are needed in the real world.

Semantic Web introduction

As you probably noticed talks a lot about the Semantic Web the past months. Semantic Web provides the foundation of what we work on right now, if you never heard about it you might want to check out some pages and videos which give a nice introduction. So let just start with a few useful links and videos: will provide a way of creating data-driven interfaces using semantic web technologies. We will provide more public information about this topic as soon as possible.

What happened to IVIE?

A few months ago we wrote that is working on a project called IVIE. This project will bring the benefits of Web 3.0 to visually impaired people and lets them interact with the Internet efficiently, offering a completely new web experience.

This project is not dead but currently on hold due to the lack of funding. It was clear to us from the beginning that this project cannot generate money so we were looking for funds to implement this technology. We got excellent feedback for the project but it seems to be pretty hard to find enough money to implement the final product. We are currently waiting for feedback from foundations, hopefully we will manage to get some more money for it later in 2011.


We do not provide too many public details about our products at the moment. If you want to know more about any of our topics feel free to contact Adrian Gschwend.